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“The students shared their ideas and thoughts with each other on a daily basis.  They were very excited… I plan to incorporate several components with math, Science, English Language Arts, technology, & Social Studies… Hope this happens again.”

“They learned new programs on the ipads that can be used with nearly all classes.  They were also able to participate in bringing the text to life.”

“Beneficial program… it is a new way for the children to experience dance, art & technology.”

“I think the program was educational and I enjoyed it.”

“Builds poise and awareness of arts.  Integrates arts and literature along with a writing component.”

“(areas that benefitted included): ability to follow directions, cooperation, exposure to literacy, opportunity to meet an author, enhanced self-esteem, chance to be part of a presentation, using math as part of a dance.”

“The students were engaged and made connections even outside the classroom.”

“I observed a strong correlation to 2nd grade math standards.  It introduced them to important concepts most second graders struggle with.  Students now have the foundation (for iPad).”

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