Scope of the Program

*Smart Moves is designed for second and third grade students, with a text and dances that specifically reinforce math content standards for that age group.

*The exercises done in the workshop portion reinforce both reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.  Foundational science concepts are explored through the dance and ipad portions.

*The ipad portion also gives the students an introduction to tools and principles that scale all the way to the professional level and provide a framework for many 21st century careers.

*The program culminates in a performance, which both boosts students’ self-esteem and gives them exposure to the ethos of professionalism in how one presents oneself.

*The Dance component introduces students to the basic elements of dance, creative exercises, body placement and the use of the body as an instrument of expression.  Connections are also drawn between the health and well being of the body and how these affect the function of the brain.